Christopher Fipps

Director of Community Investment

Christopher Fipps serves as the director of community investment for Camber Foundation. In this role, he leads the foundation’s grantmaking programs and oversees the foundation’s investment in communities across eastern North Carolina. 

Christopher ensures alignment between Camber’s grant opportunities and its funding priorities, and he evaluates the outcomes of Camber’s investments to support the foundation’s commitment to ongoing learning and the evolution of its own goals. 

Christopher leverages more than a decade of experience in grantmaking and philanthropy, as well as his deep, personal ties to the region, in serving as a resource to nonprofit organizations interested in learning more about Camber’s funding interests and programs.  

Prior to joining Camber Foundation, Christopher executed the grantmaking initiatives of the North Carolina Community Foundation and administered North Carolina’s Clean Water Management Trust Fund. In these endeavors, Christopher thoughtfully implemented a breadth of grantmaking programs that generated positive environmental and community impacts throughout the state.

Christopher has a great affinity for the outdoors, and he can often be found hiking through the Eno River State Park alongside his friends and family–but when the weather takes a turn, he trades the trails for movies and art museums. 

cam·ber | \ ˈkam-bər \ A positive, upward curve built into the beam of a bridge intended to distribute the load.