About Us

At Camber Foundation, we know that solutions come from within community. Where we can contribute to those solutions by sharing the load, we will.

That’s what “camber” means to us – “a positive, upward curve built into the beam of a bridge, intended to distribute the load”. That’s why we chose it for our name, and we will work every day to live up to this meaning.

Bridge-builders across Eastern North Carolina are leading their communities towards a future where all can flourish. Every day, they are generating ideas, making connections, and gathering resources to bring their visions to life, and we believe they should not have to do it alone.

With philanthropic roots in the region, we stand ready as a willing and committed partner – to enhance, to strengthen, to uplift by adding “camber” to community-driven solutions.

Our Focus Areas

Health & Wellness


Economic Development

Focus Area Definitions

Within these areas, we have identified funding priorities that we have heightened interest in learning more about and supporting through grantmaking.

Who We Are

The Camber Foundation team is united by a motivation to uplift communities in Eastern North Carolina. Get to know our dedicated staff and our trusted Board of Directors.

A Letter From the President

Hearing directly from our communities in 2023 gave us the motivation and direction we needed for a successful first year, and yet our greatest enthusiasm is reserved for what we can accomplish together in 2024.

cam·ber | \ ˈkam-bər \ A positive, upward curve built into the beam of a bridge intended to distribute the load.